How to Add Ten Extra Years to Your Life Ebook

Introduction to How to add extra Years to your Life Ebook

The author of this Ebook to add extra Years to Your Life S. S. Curry starts by stating that when over 80 years of age, the poet Bryant said that he had added more than ten years to his life by firmly taking a simple exercise while dressing each day. Those who realized Bryant and the facts of his life never doubted the reality of this declaration.

add-life-ebook exercises life ebookIf my own daily exercises are neglected, I feel as if I had missed a meal or lost much sleep. I was never what is called physically strong.

The subject of human development has always been of great interest to me. I have attempted to investigate the many systems of gymnastics in every country; and, teaching, as I have, about ten thousand the use of the tone and body in manifestation, I have researched training from another type of viewpoint from that of all men.

In order to add extra years to your life Ebook, I’ve also found, furthermore important, that true exercises are all mental and psychological rather than physical, which both body and speech can never be truly better except by right thinking and sense.

This booklet contains factors related to health; without going deeply into the principles involved, a brief program is given, the practice which has already achieved marvelous results.

It is meant to be considered a guide for home research and practice. The key points can be applied to everyone. It requires at first, tolerance, perseverance, and image resolution at that time in the day when we are most liable to be indifferent and negative, if not irresolute and discouraged.

Table of content: Add Ten Extra Years to Your Life Ebook:

    1. Significance of Morning
    2. Supposed Secrets of Health and Long Life
    3. What is an Exercise?
    4. Program of Exercises
    5. How to Practice the Exercises
    6. Actions of Everyday Life
    7. Work and Play
    8. Significance of Night and Sleep

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