An Apprehension Into Colored Contacts lenses


Nowadays, Most people wear accessories for aesthetic purposes rather than as an article of necessity, which is why contact lenses are sold even at unreliable markets, making it dangerous since it is an article that requires a lot of hygiene. Wearing contact lenses in poor condition, we can provoke a permanent corneal damage.
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Nowadays, with the modern changes in technology, more and more people are using them, on a daily basis for cosmetic purposes and enjoying the benefits of corrective ones ( a medical prescription). Most people enjoy the fabulously varied colored contacts that are now widely available and gaining more and more popularity.

Away are the days when people wore them as a pure correction gadget. Now they’re far more than just functional and corrective – they’re now funky, fun and an outrageously and fashion for adults and especially adolescents.

About Colored contacts lenses

Colored contacts let you enhance the color of your eyes on a daily basis; or just for a special occasion when you want to look different and match them with an outfit. No matter the occasion you can make a truly unforgettable ‘eye-catching‘ appearance and show off your extraordinary new look.

4 Types of colored contacts:

  1.  Visibility tints
  2. Enhancement tints
  3. Opaque-color tints
  4. Light-filtering tints

Be aware that most of them come in styles that people wear even when they do not necessarily need corrective eyewear.

Visibility tint colored contacts have a practical application since they have a light blue or green tint that, in spite of the fact that not visible when being worn, allows you to see them when you are putting them on or removing them.

The second ones, Enhancement tint colored contacts have a translucent but darker tint to them. They aren’t meant to alter or change the shade of your eyes but rather to improve and intensify your existing eye color.

The third ones, Opaque color lenses have the most drastic impact and can truly change your eye color from light brown to blue, green to purple, etc. People wear them as a fashion accessory or just to represent your mood if you want.

Light-filtering they also have a practical application. Wearing them will greatly improve certain colors in your field of view, making them easier for you to see.

Remember to contact a doctor before trying to wear them since they might damage your vision. Precautions are first.

I recommend you wearing contact lenses only by prescription. The ophthalmologist is the only professional who can decide whether the person can start wearing lenses and tell us proper care for them, will also give us new lenses in case we need them and provide advice on how to clean them, which would not have if we buy contact lenses in places not established or reused.

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