Top 7 Best restaurants in America by Price

This is the newest list of the best restaurants in America (United States). A grеаt mеаl at an outstanding rеѕtаurаnt can bе а lіfе-сhаngіng еxреrіеnсе. But wіth new рlасеѕ appearing every day, іt саn be dіffісult tо decide which restaurants are wоrth expending your tіmе аnd hаrd-еаrnеd cash.

We gаvе еасh restaurant a numerical rаtіng based оn how mаnу lіѕtѕ thе restaurant арреаrеd оn аnd hоw hіgh іt арреаrеd on lіѕtѕ thаt wеrе rаnkеd. For rеѕtаurаntѕ that tied, wе broke dоwn thе rаnkіngѕ bаѕеd оn rеvіеwѕ, price, аnd our оwn еdіtоrіаl dіѕсrеtіоn. You can’t miss #1 is the chapest and the best.

7. The French Laundry

the french laundry best restaurant in america

Location: 6640 Washington St, Yountville, CA
Average price per person:  $310 – $400 per person. Price increases depending if you add wine pairings and food selection.
Reservations: You must reserve as soon as you can I would recommend at least 3 months in advance, this is the hardest restaurant to get a reservation.  Check tables here.

No children under the age of 13 – well-mannered
Dress Code: Jackets for men in the dining room and for all guests no casual wear such as distressed jeans, t-shirts, or athletic wear.

For $310 a head, diners at The French Laundry choose between two prix-fixe menus — the chef’s tasting menu or the vegetable-tasting menu — which change daily and don’t repeat a single ingredient throughout, without doubt, one of the best restaurants in America.

The multicourse menus include everything from caramelized summer squash to slow-cooked steelhead trout to charcoal-grilled Japanese Wagyu.

6. Blue Hill at Stone Barns

best restaurant in america

Location: 630 Bedford Rd, 10591, Pocantico Hills, NY
Price Range per person:  Starting at $258 per person.
Reservations: You must reserve at least 3 months prior to your visit.  Check tables available here.  You can cancellation subject to $100 fee
No children:  They recommend Blue Hill Cafe if you are visiting the Stone Barns Center with children.
Dress Code: This is an elegant restaurant. Jackets and ties are preferred for gentlemen.

5. Per Se

best restaurants in america Per Se restaurant

Location: 10 Columbus CirNew York City, NY
Average Price per person:  Starting at $295 – $685 per person. Price will be higher if you add few bottles of Chateau Leroy or Harlan Estate or select the most expensive food.
Reservations: You must reserve at least 2 months prior to your visit.  Check schedule and tables here.  You can cancel the reservation 3 days in advance to avoid $175 fee per guest.
Dress Code: Guests must wear proper attire

Per Se lives under the Keller umbrella of restaurants, They want to comfort you and make you happy, and make you feel special when you’re there for that and more this is included in our list of the best restaurants in the US.

The vegetable and chef’s tasting menus are $325, and they’re each nine courses that don’t repeat a single ingredient throughout, all of these features make it number 5 of our pick for the top 7 best restaurants in America.

4. Le Bernardin

best restaurants in america Le Bernardin restaurant

Location: 155 W 51st St, New York, NY
Price Range per person:  $180, or $250 per person. Price is higher when adding wine pairings and food choice.
Reservations: You must reserve at least a month in advance.  Check days available here.
– Cancellation fee: $70 per guest.
Children: 8 years old or older
Dress Code: Jackets are required for gentlemen in the Main Dining Room during both lunch and dinner. Ties are optional.

A New York City classic since 1986, three-Michelin-starred Le Bernardin uses French techniques to create exquisitely prepared seafood dishes.

Try the chef’s tasting menu for $220 per person, or the Le Bernardin-branded tasting menu for $180 a pop, which include delicacies like seared langoustine foie gras and a crusted red snapper in a white balsamic-anticucho sauce.

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