WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT? Diet and Nutrition Facts

This eBook is a guide Guide to Diet and Nutrition. It explains basic concepts like the right meaning of diet, nutrition, vitamins and more. This eBook will also teach you the ways to change eating habits and finally will show you an excellent Diet Solution Program.

A Basic Guide to Diet and Nutrition

The following EBook makes you aware that as with all information distributed via the internet; the very first thing we must do is give the required disclaimers:

What you have received is information. It is intended for informational purposes only. The goal of this eBook guide is simply to educate.

Nationwide the statistics are absolutely clear that many people simply have never been taught the very basics of diet, and nutrition, and the overall role it plays in your daily food consumption.  It is because of this lack of knowledge that many people fail to achieve their weight goals.

That is the purpose of this eBook guide. It is only intended to educate on the basics of diet and nutrition. Please understand that Consumers Info USA is not a Counseling Service or a Diet Advisory Company.

This information is not intended as professional advice. We encourage you to consult with established professionals in your local area if needed. The opinions and information contained in this guide are based on many years of experience and will apply to many situations. However individual circumstances can vary which may make some of the information contained in this guide inapplicable to your own particular situation.

Table of Contents: WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT? A Basic Guide to Diet and Nutrition eBook

1. What is a Diet? 9. What is Sodium?
2. What is Nutrition? 10. What is Cholesterol?
3. What is Metabolism? 11. What is Fiber?
4. What are Vitamins? 12. Three Basic Changes
5. What are Minerals? 13. Best Ways to Change Eating Habits
6. What is a Calorie? 14. The Diet Solution Program
7. What are Carbohydrates? 15. Fast Food Reference Guide
8. What is Fat?  

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