Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Now

The comfort Zone The comfort zone is a state of mind that does not allow personal growth and all those phenomena linked to the learning of behaviors that make us achieve a high degree of...
best restaurants in america

Top 7 Best restaurants in America by Price

This is the newest list of the best restaurants in America (United States). A grеаt mеаl at an outstanding rеѕtаurаnt can bе а lіfе-сhаngіng еxреrіеnсе. But wіth new рlасеѕ appearing every day, іt саn be...

Habits for healthy lifestyle: Physical, Mental and Social Factors

Habits of a healthy life: First we need to define the term Health as a state of physical, intellectual and social stability. We don't have to talk just about a healthy life we have to...

Environment: Solar Energy For A Healthy Planet

Environment and science are always together, but not always in harmony. Scientists and researchers finally have begun to direct their efforts to both innovation and for being respectful of the environment and if possible,...

Mindfulness Meditation: Reasons Why You Must Try it

The Meditation technique we refer to here and which is the subject of experimental research, more specifically called "Mindfulness meditation", is a meditation technique inspired by Tibetan meditation. Its principle: to become aware of...


Keys to a healthy living – Wellness Centers

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in all things “wellness” from the rise of boutique fitness studios to juice...