Get ready! Supercharger Stations The Cars of The Future Are Finally Here

Supercharger stations

Tesla the North American automaker, energy storage company and solar power manufacturer announced a program to set up more chargers in city centers that will begin soon.

The easiest way to charge your car is to connect it overnight at home, and for many people, this is all that is required. However, for customers who use their car for long distance travel, there’s a growing network of superchargers stations located along highways on popular driving routes.

Tesla, in addition, installed a large number of supercharger stations at hotels, resorts, and restaurants that replicate the house charging experience if you are far from home. Now, within Tesla goals is to make the company cars accessible for everyone, including those without immediate to home or charging stations, they are extending the Supercharger network into city centers, starting in downtown Chicago and Boston.
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Supercharger stations will be installed in convenient locations, including supermarkets, shopping malls, and downtown districts, so it is easy for customers to charge their car in while grocery shopping or while they buy something to eat. Tesla customers also have the advantage that the pricing is significantly cheaper than gasoline, very good news for our environment and your pocket!

This is a major deal. Maybe it’s one of the main factors that could permit the long-promised electric car revolution to come true.

Another positive aspect is that it will help our planet since it’s not about Tesla making environmentally friendly cars. The world’s big automakers have been participating in a weird, unexpected game of electro-mechanical one-upmanship, with Volvo, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW as well as others appealing to electrify their lineups in the next five years. A lot of those vehicles will be regular hybrids that do not require charging hookups, but a genuine push into real EV will demand chargers to be built essentially everywhere in the United States, this a great start to reduce air pollution.

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