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Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in all things “wellness” from the rise of boutique fitness studios to juice cleanses and detox diets. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism generated $563 billion in 2015, with spa facilities accounting for $98.6 billion of that revenue.

The increasing attention being paid to personal health care, hygiene, and nutrition has helped popularise the use of wellness centers. This trend is welcome, as maintaining good health takes more than physical wellbeing, it cuts across developing healthy lifelong habits, proper nutrition, exercises, and making good life choices – all these contributes to one’s overall wellbeing.

What exactly is a wellness center and what do wellness centers offer?

Wellness centers are places that offer health services for both the mind and the body, they vary in the forms of services they offer. There are primarily two categories of wellness centers. The first category deals specifically with nutritional habits, wellness counselling, relaxation, and exercise. Some wellness centers even offer classes to educate their customers, these kind of wellness centers are often called destination spas. Additionally, some destination spas offer services in skin care covering facials, laser skin treatment and other surgical or non-surgical skin and body treatment options – Others don’t.

The other type of wellness center is the one run by expert physicians and other medical specialist, they offer health care services like acupuncture, chiropractic care, family medicine, massage therapy, and other specialised services.

Here is a list of 3 of the best wellness centers in both categories.


Destination spas

A lot of people picture spas as places where people go to just for getting massages, relaxing and generally having a good time, while these are some of the benefits enjoyed in spas, that is by no means its entire gamut. Destination spas address the overall wellness of the person through life enhancement programs such as weight loss, nutrition, stress management and life coaching.

Destination spas serve healthy food exclusively, but depending on the type, they have different philosophies. Some destination spas are geared towards weight loss, with restricted calories and strict portion control while others have an all-you-can-eat philosophy. Many don’t serve alcohol, some serve wine with dinner and others allow you to bring your alcohol along.

These sanctuaries aim to rejuvenate you physically and mentally. Some of the best destinations spas to visit for total workout include:

We care detox spa

This is a classic detox spa located in California. At this spa, guests go on a liquid fast; they take daily shakes and supplements to flush out toxicins. The philosophy at we care detox focuses on a healthy lifestyle through detoxification and education. They offer classes and treatment alongside.

They have a reliable approach that yields visible results, as guests leave with flatter bellies, clearer heads, brighter eyes and a glowing skin. A lot of their success has to do with the clean liquid diet, educational classes offered and sessions of transitioning back to solid food. They also have a wonderful scenery surrounded by palm trees and flowering vines with mountain vistas in the distance, little wonder why people keep going back year in year out. It is certainly one of the best destination spas to visit.

Canyon ranch

This is one of the most popular and luxurious wellness center in Northern America, located in Arizona. The 100,000 square foot spa complex is home to legendary spas, gyms, cycling studios, tennis and basketball courts, pool, and beauty salon. This is no surprise as everything in this spa screams luxury.

At the canyon ranch, you’ll find some of the most knowledgeable and cutting-edge experts in the country, from top doctors in charge of medical assessments to leading fitness instructors. Over 40 fitness classes and activities are offered daily spanning from hiking, cross-country skiing down to yoga.

They have a wide variety of service and operate two US destination resorts which have accommodations for short or long-term visits, they also have residential homes and condos for people willing to live there. Guests and residents have access to a spa, spa services, enrichment classes, exercise classes, cosmetic services, healthy dining, and various resort facilities. Preventative and diagnostic medical services are also offered.

Cal – a vie health spa     

This health spa located in Vista, CA is the perfect quiet inviting spa. It is on a hilltop with a titillating view of surrounding valleys, lavender fields, vineyards and beautifully groomed gardens. This spa developed in coordination with international health and beauty experts have services that can be tailored to your specific goal, whether it be weight loss, dietary nutrition or just pure massage and relaxation.

Their suites are simple, and feature wooden floors, fresh flowers, and comfy, bounce-worthy beds. Soothe your sore muscles with a trip to the world-class spa, pair these pampering treatments with an on-site nutritionist, and you’ll leave feeling like a million bucks.


Wellness Centers run by physicians

These type of wellness centers are primarily focused on the physical health of patients, they advise and treat various physical discomforts that affect people. Their services vary depending on the specialisation of the center visited. Some of the best wellness centers in this category are


This wellness center primarily focus is on Knee pain, with more than 100 million Americans suffering from one chronic pain or the other, it is no surprise why a lot of people visit this wellness center.

Hawthorne Wellness Center

This wellness center located in Portland Oregon has a variety of healthcare service they provide ranging from acupuncture, chiropractic care, naturopathic care and massage therapy. There’s also a studio behind the clinic that houses some of the best movement instructors in yoga and tai chi in that area.

Portland Family Wellness                   

Portland Family Wellness provides comprehensive family medical care, well check-ups, physicals and immunizations, illness diagnoses and prescriptions and men’s and women’s health screenings.  They also provide services for eating disorders, weight control and skin problems. They have various centers located all through Portland, Oregon.



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