Learning a Second Language Easy for Adults?

Although it is always recommended to learn another language when we are children, it does not mean that it is impossible to learn it once we become adults. Children are very responsive to all linguistic stimulations but do not let this prevent you from learning a second language.
Actually, It is not so hard for an adult to learn another language. Adults have many advantages to learn a second lingo, their experience of life and maturity gives them tools and techniques that children do not possess.

Why is it a good idea to study another language whether you’re young or adult?

Learning a new language has a number of advantages:
Adults have developed their cognitive system, so it’s easier to integrate new knowledge thanks to their learning experience. They have a greater understanding of themselves and the learning techniques that work best for them. In this way, an adult is much more efficient in studying a new lingo.
Adults have more experience, so they will be able to make more vocabulary associations as they learn. Adult people have a broader vocabulary and a greater understanding of concepts. This, for example, will allow them to understand more easily and make grammatical abstractions.
There are more possibilities for learning. Adults have a greater motivation to learn that will make them find various alternatives to achieve his goal. They search for English courses, read books and even watch movies or series in the original version.

Other reasons


• If you want to study at a university in a foreign country like Canada, Italy or Germany you need to learn French, Italian or German.
• The number of people who are learning other languages is increasing by 2 trillion within the next decade.
• There are several exams for international students that measure English or other language skills and are globally recognized


• Learn another lingo helps you in your career and improve your CV
• Studies suggest that, on average, people who dominate languages in their jobs earn about 10% more
• More than a third of companies want people specifically for their language skills
• The international community uses Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, English, and Russian to communicate, and often requires employees to speak several languages.
• If you learn another language abroad it will help you to have a better understanding of other cultures.
• Another language you learn in your country or abroad will help you travel more easily
Learning at an early age as an adulthood contributes the same structural changes in the brain.
Speaking another language is now a necessity, not only for having better job opportunities, but also in the academic field, and to know other cultures. Speaking another language will make you more competitive in a globalized world.


Whichever language you choose, these are the benefits for our brain:

Learning a different language is a mental exercise that requires effort, it helps us to improve the capacity of concentration and memory, When you speak a second language even though anyone can develop Alzheimer, bilingual people develop it four or five years later than monolinguals.
Bilingual people achieve greater cognitive flexibility, allowing them to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Words are processed faster as capacity increases, in time and efficiency, in decision-making.
Ability to analyze and think better by switching between languages, our brain exercises!

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