Living Healthy Using a Stationary Bike

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The stationary bike is an excellent alternative for cardiovascular exercise and greatly helps the health of our heart and of course our body in general. Additionally, it’s a perfect choice to have at home without the need of a big space, however before getting one it’s normal that you wonder how beneficial it can be for your figure and well – being. I’ll explain what the benefits of exercise bike are in this article.

First time using an exercise bike

Make sure that when doing the exercise for the first time, a health professional should always be around to provide a safe program for that fits your needs and to prevent any possible injuries. Besides giving you the right the exercise programs the health professional will also determine the correct posture and resistance that you need.
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Normally, these kinds of programs should be done three times a week for at least 20 minutes each. The patient is always required to start slowly especially for those who are not used to the rigors of exercising. One of the main objectives here is to raise the patient’s heart rate from 60 to 85% of the patient’s maximum heart rate.

About the price

A stationary bike varies from a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousand depending on the features and other benefits that it offers. An ordinary bicycle can also be used. The bike is mounted on a trainer (which is very cheap and is very easy to install), where the rear wheel of the bicycle is raised and the exerciser uses this as a stationary bike.


There are many benefits that the exercise bike provides and here you have some of them:

  1. Get rid of tension and stress: You will relax effectively. At the same time, it helps improve your digestion and maintain your overall physical health, not doubt is an all in on the machine.
  2. The stationary bike is easy-to-use: You can easily have it at home, in that way you will avoid the expense of paying a gym for doing your physical activities. It requires very little space. There are bikes that are called “collapsible” so that you can save it when no longer in use and be tucked away under a bed or a closet. It’s a perfect choice for people of all ages because it has a low impact on bones and joints, helping to exercise them without repercussions.
  3. Tone your legs: using an exercise bike is one of the best options for it because the thigh area is the one that will tone up while you apply greater resistance during the practice. In addition, buttocks will be favored by this activity.
  4. Lose weight and improve your figure: If you are serious about it, and want to use it frequently, this fitness equipment helps to reduce body fat, so it is very beneficial for those who want to lose a few pounds.
  5. It prevents you from riding a bike on the roads, running and jogging (which can cause injuries), this is why a stationary bike is a popular alternative. the stationary bike is great for strengthening back muscle, the leg, calf, the hamstrings at the back of the thigh and can also work the abdominal muscles.




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