Must Have Fruits and Drinks for Diabetes


Best Tips for diabetes if you are looking to know more about tips to fight diabetes, you are in the right place. In this article, you will know 10 best natural fruits and drinks to help people under this condition that affects thousands of people around the world. Remember going to the doctor is the first thing to do.

Here you have the benefits of consuming the below fruits and drinks regularly:

Here we go:

  1. Omega 3: Omega 3 fatty acids (found in some specific type fish) increase the insulin sensitivity in patients with diabetes. It helps to control glucose levels in the blood. Nutritionists recommend consume through food and not in capsules (that is what most people prefer).
  2. Blueberries: As a common fruit is another home treatment for diabetes. It avoids eye problems that are related to this disease. Its antioxidants protect blood vessels and nerves of the eyes and prevent damage that can cause high blood sugar levels and hypertension.
  3. The nopal (Mexican plant): One of the best options to reduce blood sugar levels and simultaneously to keep them stable. The reason is that the nopal contains several substances including fiber, that control and normalize the body of a person with highly beneficial for diabetes.
  4. Onion: If you consume 100 grams of raw onion per day it will reduce glucose levels in those with diabetes 1 and 2. It’s because it contains a large amount of sulfur and flavonoids. It is worth to try it one of the best treatments.
  5. Garlic: A popular vegetable found anywhere. It reduces blood sugar levels for patients with diabetes type 1 and 2. Garlic normalizes glucose and substances have insulin-like effects.

That’s not all…

  1. Cinnamon: According to experts, you must consume only half teaspoon of cinnamon per day to control blood sugar levels while reducing blood pressure in patients with this disease.
  2. The fenogreco (seed): Also known as fenugreek or fenugreek is very good for controlling diabetes. Consume between 100 and 150 grams of seed per day reduces by 30% the levels of blood glucose. In turn, it helps control cholesterol.
  3. Melon: Unbelievable right? It helps leverage glucose and keeps it stable. It has no side effects or risks in patients. You just have to enjoy eating this fruit and you are all set.
  4. Green tea: With no doubt increases sensitivity to insulin and also helps prevent cardiovascular problems are common in patients with diabetes. To enjoy its benefits is recommended to consume between 4 and 8 cups of green tea a day. If you are a tea lover this is the best option.
  5. Ginseng: This extract increases sensitivity to insulin in diabetic patients. It helps make better use of little insulin your body produces (in the case that naturally believes).

The power of these fruits for diabetes is much higher if you eat constantly, and apply a natural and integral treatment recommended by your doctor to combat the disease.

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