An Overview of the Enzyme Peels and Its Benefits

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What are Enzyme Peels?  An enzymatic peeling is one of the softest exfoliating treatments that exist, so it is usually used for the most sensitive skins, dark or even with acne. This type of exfoliation is based on the use of natural products such as aloe vera, pumpkin, pineapple and other fruits, whose vegetable enzymes are able to penetrate the skin, undoing the existing joints between the dead cells and causing them to detach without damaging the living cells.

When dealing with the refurbishing of facial skin, peels are a popular option. Here is an overview of enzyme peels for your facial skin care needs.

An Overview of Enzyme Peels

The enzyme peel is not a new technique at all. We use enzymatic peelings to remove dead skin cells, and to achieve a faster cell renewal, also to reduce skin blemishes and fine lines, improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks and reduce discoloration and damage caused by the sun.

For instance, Papayas are not only good for nutrition but also to peel off epidermal cells, which helps to regenerate our skin. The aloe Vera, pumpkin, pineapple and other fruits contain this property. A restorative enzyme peel is a type of exfoliating non-surgical procedure that uses natural or chemical products to produce exfoliation.

An Enzyme peel speed up the natural exfoliating process, in order to finish with our dead skin cells, it promotes young cell renewal. The benefit is that, diminishes scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and lines, sun damage, skin discoloration, and recovers skin elasticity.

Benefits of Enzyme Peels

By not containing any type of acid, an enzymatic peel leaves the skin PH balanced, so it hasn’t had any type of side effect and it’s especially recommended to prevent allergic reactions and dryness in the skin. Its benefits are multiple:

  1. Improves skin texture and tone
  2. Removes or exfoliates dead cells
  3. Alleviates dryness
  4. Stimulates the growth of new cells
  5. It does not damage the skin, reducing the redness
  6. Increases oxygenation
  7. Reduces exposure to toxins
  8. Cleans pores and prevents shin formation
  9. Avoids the scaly appearance of the skin

Warning: It is advisable not to expose the product directly to the sun, keep it away from heat sources to preserve enzyme activity.

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