Where To Travel this year Best Destinations for 2017

It’s 2017, and we will be talking about the best destinations for this year. Getting a moment of relaxing in your life is great for your health. There’s a lot of new places a lot of places many of us haven’t been yet, but we’ve gone through and picked the Top 10 best destinations for 2017.

As we know the latest years have been crazy all around the world so this year we’re taking into consideration political stability and exchange rates, so you can travel to these safe and inexpensive destinations.

#1 Europe:

Top destination in Europe is… England . Well, the United Kingdom, in general. Brexit happened last year, and that’s changed a lot of things, but what has done? It has made the pound really cheap. It’s cheaper to travel now to the UK than it has been in a long time, so we encourage you to go the United Kingdom and get beyond London and go to Northern England, or Wales. It might not be the most unique, and chances are you’ve been to London, but this is the time to get out and explore the UK.

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#2 The Caribbean

Cuba is a top best destination for 2017. Fidel Castro has died. There are big probabilities that the situation in Cuba is going to change rapidly. Which is why I recommend you getting in there before it does, since It’s on the top of our bucket list for 2017.

#3 Latin America

The winner is . . . Colombia. I’ve wanted to go to Colombia for a long time since the government signed a peace treaty with FARC, the rebel group where there’s been a civil war for the last 50 years. So the time of narcotraffic is gone. Peace has arrived in Colombia, and it’s just ready to take off. I’m reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez right now and just dreaming of Colombia. I’ve got a Hundred Years of Solitude until this happens.

#4 North America

The Winner of the best destinations for 2017 is… Quebec. Quеbес іѕ full of French ѕреаkеrѕ. I wеnt lаѕt year; it wаѕ аn іnсrеdіblе trір. It’ѕ a great аltеrnаtіvе to Europe rіght nоw, еѕресіаllу іf you’re not rеаdу fоr Eurоре yet. Bу thе wау, Quеbес City lооkѕ lіkе іt’ѕ раrt of France. Yоu саn practice Frеnсh if уоu’rе lеаrnіng іt, but thеу аlѕо speak English thеrе. Thе fооd іѕ amazing; thеrе’rе awesome fеѕtіvаlѕ like Iglоо Fеѕt or Elесtrіс Picnic іn Montreal.

#5 Asia

Seoul, or South Korea in general. This has been an overlooked destination for a lot of people in Asia, I am excited about it because It’s already within my destinations for this year. It looks fascinating. What really attracts me is this balance between being the most connected country in the world, it’s super technologically advanced, but they ‘re also rooted in tradition. not to mention Korean BBQ.

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