Myths about weight loss, diet and exercise


Would you like to lose weight?

Every year, many people start on the complex adventure to lose weight for the summer, with the intention of having his best season look at the beach, also known as bikini operation.

It is really very difficult to reduce your weight fully if you don’t follow these techniques carefully. You wish to look graceful like actors and actresses. You wish to have a healthy and with great elegance. You wish to show off your firmness and beauty. You wish to reduce or lose your love handles. Here, I show you the myths associated with weight loss exercises and healthy dieting. How you can achieve these things is being analyzed with some in depth research.

Myth Number once: By Drinking water I I gain weight / By Drinking water lose weight.

For neither the one nor the other. Water has no calories, is a source of minerals but it can not tip the balance to one side or to the other. Of course, if you drink too much during meals you’ll notice the swollen stomach and digestion will be harder. It can help you lose weight and eliminate liquids and toxins with its diuretic effect if you drink more than two liters a day but, in itself, has no slimming effect.

Myth Number two: Do not eat at night.

Unless you belong to the gremlin species, which can not feed after 12, there is no problem dining. Calories are the same as the time at any time. The only thing is that you must look for easily digestible dishes that do not become fat overnight, this is the moment of less activity of the day. That is, try to eat vegetables or salad, fish, light meat broths or creams.

Myth Number three: Losing weight quickly is a serious mistake

Yes and no. If you do a miracle diet, no doubt, not only you recover very quickly leaving the regime over but you can endanger your health. But other times, eating in a more consistent and healthy way can lead you to lose weight at high speed; This is not bad, especially when many of those who rid kilos. In fact, losing a lot at the beginning of a normal diet, and lets you do the same with the rest gradually.

Myth Number four: Eating gluten free is synonymous with losing weight.

Gluten intolerance has nothing to do with the loss or gain; It is a disorder that prevents some people’s digestion group of proteins contained in gluten. This causes digestive problems of various kinds, such as inflammation of the small bowel.

Myth Number five: Skipping a meal is a way to lose weight.

For some people it makes sense, if you do not eat a meal, it reduces caloric consumption and in theory, you should lose weight. But this is a mistake, it actually provokes the opposite effect and you can get fat, the reason is simple, by avoiding a meal the organism produces more insulin, a hormone responsible for the cells can have the necessary glucose for the energy expenditure they perform, which causes the organism to have more need to feed.

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